“It’s often easier than we think to avoid urgency, the goal being to allow children to feel unhurried so they can enjoy being children.” – Alfie Kohn

In our culture, “busy” is often a badge of honour. We have come to equate productivity with worthiness. 

We take on too much at work or home. We feel the need to say “yes” even when we feel “no.” We don’t let ourselves rest until we’ve crossed items off of our to do lists.

This often extends to our children also…

We feel the peer pressure when everyone else’s kids are doing swimming, soccer, gymnastics, art class, etc. We don’t want our children to miss out on opportunities, doors that could be open, or social occasions. 

Because of all this, it can be very tempting to pack schedules. We might find ourselves running around to get our children to different activities or playdates every day. 

Of course, there is great value in giving our kids amazing experiences and registering them in programs where they learn new skills. 

AND we can’t overestimate the importance of also giving our children “white space” and unscheduled time to just play, think, and rest.

Sweetness and growth occur when we slow down and meet our children in their world.

The pressure? Let’s all give ourselves a break. Quiet, presence, and permission to slow down.

The thing is- what our kids really want is just for us to be with them and notice them. 

What will you do this weekend to slow down? 

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