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Life with kids should be enjoyable–not a struggle.

We’re here to give you the peaceful parenting tools, strategies, and support you need to show up with calm confidence in every situation.  

I’m Sarah Rosensweet

My husband and I have a great relationship with our kids. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company. They are independent, respectful, kind, funny, and self-motivated. But it wasn’t always perfect harmony at home! We've created an incredible relationship with our children through peaceful parenting–the exact method I teach thousands of parents worldwide. 

Peaceful parenting is an approach that uses kind, firm limits centered on empathy. Our children need to know that we’re in charge, but we’re here to give them the support they need to meet our expectations. 

If you find yourself counting down the minutes until bedtime or naptime, peaceful parenting might be the approach for you. 

A peaceful parenting coach and mom of three big kids (16, 19, and 22).


Our Holistic and Mindful Parenting Philosophy 

Our coaches give you peaceful parenting tools and strategies you need to become the kind of parent you feel proud to be. No more screaming matches, no more bribes, no more power struggles.


We want you to enjoy being around your kids again.

Free course that teaches you how to stop yelling at your kids or if you need help staying calm when your kids are pushing all your buttons! This course is a great starting point for new peaceful parents. 

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Working with a parenting coach can give you the guidance and compassion you need to transform your parenting and life.

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what parents are saying...

“Before I started working with Sarah, I felt pretty alone in the struggles I was having with my kids. I wanted things to be so different from how I had grown up, and yet, when I found myself getting stressed, it seemed like I was saying or doing some of the same things my parents did, which made me feel awful. Sarah has helped our family with both specific issues that were causing us a lot of grief, and also some of the bigger behaviour and relationship issues we are working on. Now, I feel like I understand my children better and I can respond to their needs in a better way. Sarah helps me reflect on things that have happened and helps me find a way to move forward. I don’t feel alone anymore and I am enjoying my kids so much more!”

-Sheri (Mother of 3) 

My family is having a wonderful week and are feeling so peaceful and filled with joy! I’ve been working with Sarah Rosensweet and I have to say she’s been amazing to work with! It’s only been just over two weeks and we’ve made huge strides. With her help we’re bringing back calmness and joy into parenting my almost three-year-old daughter, M. Which is huge after welcoming the birth of her new baby sister and struggling with PPMD. Giving my daughter M. a mom who enjoys her again is the best gift for her birthday.

-Megan, mother of 2

I was at the end of my rope with my 3 year old. I couldn’t get him in his carseat. I couldn’t get him dressed. I would end up at stores with him completely losing it. I felt like a completely crazy person. I felt like it was never going to end and that my child would be forever traumatized. I had my 20 minute free consult with Sarah and several other parenting coaches I had found online, but I sobbed during my session with Sarah and I knew she was the one. She had compassion for where I was at and ZERO judgment. After working with Sarah for a few months, we are so so soo happy. NOW I am equipped with tools and have a method for dealing when things are starting to get difficult. I have grace, fun, and special time with my little dude! I am so proud of both of us and SO SO GRATEFUL TO SARAH.  

-Sophie, Mother of 1

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