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Sarah Rosensweet is a parenting coach and educator, and the host of the popular parenting podcast, The Peaceful Parenting Podcast.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and three kids (ages 16, 19, and 23).

Sarah speaks to parent communities around the GTA, teaches workshops, and works one-on-one virtually with parents all over the world.

Sarah Rosensweet’s practical, compassionate approach gives parents the support and strategies they need to enjoy their kids again. She has helped 1000s of parents overcome the feelings of overwhelm through proven peaceful parenting strategies.

Invite Sarah Rosensweet to speak to your school or work’s parent community.

  1. Peaceful Discipline: Getting Kids to Listen and Cooperate without Threats, Yelling or Punishment
  2. Stress-Free Kids
  3. How To Raise Resilient Kids
  4. Be A Strong Leader: How To Set Effective and Empathic Limits
  5. Hold On and Let Go: Parenting Tweens and Teens

Speaking Rate: $750

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Descriptions below.
Topics can be adjusted for specific age ranges of children.

What people say after Sarah’s talks:

It was a wonderful experience having Sarah come to our school to speak. She has a breadth of knowledge applicable to varying age groupings. Her anecdotes and experience provide useful information and practical take-aways. We had wonderful turnouts for her talks and we would love to have her come again.

Arti Panday
Chair, Northlea School Council

Sarah visited our school community to speak about “How to Raise Resilient Kids.” Sarah provided us with easy to implement strategies for supporting our children during the toughest moments of their day. She answered questions that were specific to family dynamics, was empathetic to the needs of the group, and shared examples from her own life in raising her children. After the presentation, parents stayed longer to talk about Sarah’s message and the take-aways they had. I would highly recommend Sarah to visit any school as her message is powerful, supportive and motivating as we all journey to support our children in an ever-changing world.

Christine Pfeffer
Principal, Sacred Heart School

I have invited Sarah Rosensweet to speak at Westside Montessori School four times and will continue to host her annually going forward. She easily creates a safe space for parents and delivers a high quality talk, full of practical tips for parents of children of all ages. Her talks always fill the room and many of our students’ parents have hired her to work with them one-on-one.

Liz Bovey
Director, Westside Montessori School

How To Raise Resilient Kids

Stress-Free Kids

Stress is unavoidable in our modern world. Our children live busy lives at home, in school, and out in the world. In this interactive talk, we will learn how to make life less stressful when possible–but more importantly, how to help kids develop resilience in the face of life’s worries and challenges. Learn what kids today need to thrive!

Being A Strong Leader: Setting Effective & Empathic Limits

The family is not a democracy. Our children need us to be strong leaders. Limits make children feel safe and secure and help them learn how to behave while internalizing family’s values. Learn how to set kind, firm, and effective limits with empathy.

Peaceful Discipline: Getting Kids To Listen and Cooperate without Threats, Yelling or Punishment

If we want to raise great kids who do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, we want them to be intrinsically motivated. Conventional fear-based tactics do the opposite. Plus, yelling and punishments hurt our relationship with our kids– which is the only true way we’re able to influence them (especially when they are teenagers!). This doesn’t mean kids are in charge. Kind firm limits are a crucial part of peaceful discipline. 

Hold On and Let Go: Parenting Your Tweens or Teens

Your relationship with your teenager doesn’t have to be tense or distant. In fact, it is your greatest tool for influence. Learn how to stay connected to your teenager, while at the same time giving them the control over their lives that they need to become responsible and successful young adults. Learn strategies for connecting with your tween and establishing more freedom and responsibility for them while maintaining appropriate limits. The teen years can be wonderful! This presentation will help you get started on the right track.

Learn about resilience, why it’s important, and how children develop ‘grit’. We will cover specific ways that you can support your child to foster resilience, as well as the common mistakes that well-meaning parents make that hamper the development of grit.

Descriptions of speaking topics below. Topics can be adjusted for specific age-range children. 

Speaking Topics

Interested in bringing Sarah to your school or organization’s parent community?


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