What is SOGIE and why is it important for parents to understand when it comes to our kids? It’s an acronym that we’re exploring in this episode with Victoria Ogunleye.

We cover:

  • [1:50] What Amaze.org is
  • [4:00] What SOGI stands for
  • [5:35] What determines a person’s sexual orientation
  • [7:30] The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity 
  • [8:20] Cysgender vs. transgender
  • [9:30] How to use pronouns  
  • [14:40] The Genderbread Graphic
  • [19:55] Defining anatomical sex 
  • [23:40] Sexual vs. romatic attraction 
  • [26:25] The advice Victoria would want to remember if she ever has children

Victoria is the Digital Sex Education Manager at Advocates for Youth, where she works with the Communication and Sex Education team to drive AMAZE’s youth-facing digital strategy and manage the AMAZE Youth Ambassador program. Prior to joining Advocates for Youth, Victoria was the Health Education Coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC Inc, where she managed the organization’s peer education program and community health education program. Victoria has a background in intimate partner violence awareness, working with children with intellectual disabilities, and performing arts. As a former peer educator, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science with a track in community health from Towson University.

Download the episode transcript HERE

Resources mentioned in this episode  

  • Genderbread Graphic

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