In this episode, I sit down for a coaching episode with Jessica, who is a mom of two. 

We talk about the morning chaos, which many of us can relate to, especially as we get the hang of new routines and back to school. She also shares about her own triggers, internal stress, and letting go of the fear of disappointing our kids.

We talk about:

  • [3:20] Finding it hard to ask for support when stressed or overwhelmed
  • [6:20] Struggles and tips for getting up earlier 
  • [8:45] Strategies to carve out special time
  • [11:30] Jessica’s internal way of dealing with stressful mornings
  • [15:50] The natural consequences of being late
  • [18:05] The fear of disappointing our kids
  • [20:35] Jessica’s transformation in my membership
  • [27:20] How can you motivate yourself in a more loving way
  • [31:10] Grounding practices to help regulate yourself
  • [34:00] One-month check in 
  • [35:10] Working on our internal stress triggers on being late and setting new routines
  • [42:00] Triggers around being late

Download the episode transcript here

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