In this episode, we dive into the world of neurodivergent parenting with Jaya and Priya. We explore their backgrounds and the vital work they do in this space, shedding light on the essence of neurodivergence. 

They share their motivations behind writing “Parenting at the Intersection” and discuss challenges they face as neurodivergent parents. We also delve into themes like normalizing emotional overwhelm, the link between parenting, supremacy, and capitalism, and empowering individuals to navigate external influences. 

Plus, discover hidden wisdom within children’s behaviors and practical strategies for tough moments, all while receiving heartfelt advice from our guests to their younger parent selves.

We cover:

  • [3:30] Jaya and Priya’s background and work in this space
  • [5:55] The definition of what we mean when we say neurodivergent
  • [10:25] What made them want to write Parenting at the Intersection 
  • [16:50] Challenges they face parenting while neurodivergent
  • [23:20] Normalizing emotional overwhelm and big emotions
  • [28:10] Big ideas from their book in terms of the correlation between parenting, supremacy and capitalism 
  • [31:30] How to help people tune into their own wisdom when influenced by outside factors, especially when influenced by fear 
  • [35:30] The wisdom or medicine in your child’s behaviors
  • [38:25] Specific practices to use when things are particularly challenging
  • [43:30] Advice to their younger parent selves

Priya Saaral is a mama, a play therapist, and a parenting coach in the Greater Seattle area. She also identifies as neurodivergent and a first-generation immigrant settler. Her work is centered on helping young people and parents find their voice and their playful spirit amidst personal and structural adversity, seeking to be seen and to belong. Priya herself was in this space too, and her own experiences of strength and hardship motivated her to help all children feel seen and heard as valuable human beings in society, and as agents of change. When she’s feeling playful, you may likely find her engrossed in a jigsaw puzzle, on the wrestling mat with her son, or replenishing her cup by exploring South Indian Classical and Jazz music forms.

Jaya Ramesh is a cis, immigrant, neurodivergent woman of color, who holds caste, class, and education privileges. She currently resides on the unceded lands of the Duwamish peoples. Jaya’s passions revolve around creating liberatory healing and learning spaces while actively working to disentangle from and dismantle systems of oppression. She identifies herself as a truth-teller and facilitator, driven by a deep passion for unlocking the stories waiting to be shared, both within herself and among others.

In her private practice, Jaya supports BIPOC and neurodivergent individuals in cultivating more authentic and nourishing relationships. She shares her life with her partner of 18 years, and together they are raising two neurodivergent children and a puppy. Jaya’s interests encompass reading novels, practicing vipassana meditations, challenging herself with strenuous hikes, indulging in long naps, passionately singing 80’s tunes at karaoke, preparing elaborate dinners, and taking leisurely strolls with her family.

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