In this episode, I have the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Mona Delahooke to talk about her new book, Brain-Body Parenting. We also speak about the connection between our brain and bodies, why our nervous systems get overloaded, and how our kids process their emotions.

Dr. Mona is a mother of three, and a licensed clinical psychologist with more than thirty years of experience caring for children and their families. She is a senior faculty member of the Profectum Foundation and a member of the American Psychological Association.

We cover:

  • What brain-body parenting is
  • What happens in our nervous systems when we sense a threat
  • The connection between our bodies and brains
  • The sensory impact on our nervous systems
  • Top down vs. bottom up behaviors
  • How to co-regulate with our child

Dr. Mona is the author of the award winning book Beyond Behaviors: Using Brain Science and Compassion to Understand and Solve Children’s Behavioral Challenges, and the upcoming book, Brain-Body Parenting: How to stop managing behaviors and start raising Joyful, Resilient Kids. She is a frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant to parents, organizations, schools, and public agencies. She lives and works in the Los Angeles area.

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