Often on our parenting journey, our kids may do something or act in a way that makes us feel triggered and shut down. Often that means there’s something for us to look at within us that needs attention or healing.

In this coaching call, Georgina joins me to talk about managing her son’s big feelings. She is the mom of six year old Oswald and a five month old baby. Georgina wanted to know how to best support her six year old, who is a really intense little guy with big feelings. Be sure to listen to the end to hear about Georgina’s big breakthrough!

We cover:

  • How our kids can trigger unhealed traumas from our past 
  • Giving our kids space to process their big feelings and managing ours at the same time
  • Strategies to empty emotional backpacks before coming home from a long day
  • How Georgina was able to connect with her inner child

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