How do you navigate sibling rivalry in an attempt to get attention, going to and from a divided home, and big emotions? 

This can be overwhelming and like a lot to unpack. It’s important to emphasize empathy, connection and Special Time.

My guests for this week’s coaching call are Kayla and Cody, dad and step-mom to 10 year old Cayden and 6 year old Trenton. The main challenge they’re facing is that their older son gets upset when the younger one says or does things incorrectly and tries to help parent his younger brother — a common challenge amongst siblings.

How do we navigate this? How do we ensure everyone’s big emotions are acknowledged with space to process them? Be sure to listen to the end to hear how it all went for Kayla and Cody!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The reason behind why our kids try and help us parent their siblings
  • Using Special Time to help mend sibling rivalry 
  • Tips to managing screen time and transitioning from tasks with a buffer
  • How to repair the relationship with your kids after yelling by accident

Download the episode transcript HERE

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  1. Colleen St. James says:

    Thank you to Kayla & Cody for sharing and Sarah for another great podcast. I really appreciated the comment about the older child aligning with the parents as a way to connect with the parents – aha moment!!

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