How do we enjoy the holidays with our kids without worrying about if they’re being grateful enough for all they have?

How do we navigate gift-giving when trying to raise more conscious kids?

I know sometimes it can feel overwhelming. We may worry about the impact that gift-giving can have on our kids as they get older.

I brought on my three kids, Maxine, age 14, Asa, age 17, and Lee, age 20, to talk about the holidays when they were younger vs. now help parents navigate this with their own children.

Spoiler alert: you are already doing a great job!

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Why kids wanting presents is a normal thing 
  • How to create family traditions that go deeper than gifts
  • The post-holiday “let down” and how it can lead to more mindful kids
  • When kids start to notice and feel gratitude and appreciation

Download the episode transcript HERE

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  1. Irene says:

    I enjoyed listening to the podcast episode #28. I had the same worries as a mother. My kids are now wonderful parents & perhaps have the same concerns. I have seven grandchildren, two in their teens, who are now generous with their thank yous. The little ones, nine years old & younger are on the way to learning to be grateful. They have all made grandpa & me gifts these past years.

    • Jacqui Bull says:

      It was really useful to hear the views of the teenagers and how they look back at their thoughts and experiences are no longer the same.

      Your ‘People Not Stuff’ family mantra has clearly sunk in and worked it’s magic!

  2. Colleen St.James says:

    Thank you Sarah. I especially appreciated your comments on privilege and the beginning of this podcast and the 2 suggestions you made to those of us lucky enough to be part of that privileged group.
    Thank you to Maxine, Asa and Lee for being on! All their feedback and comments were so helpful!
    People NOT stuff – YES – Thanks Lee! And I can totally relate to one day our kids will be lecturing us!!

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