In this episode of The Peaceful Parenting Podcast, I interview Ruth Whippman about her book BoyMom: Reimagining Boyhood in the Age of Impossible Masculinity. We discuss the humanity lacking in traditional models of masculinity and the type of sensitive and connection-based parenting that is desperately needed for boy

We talk about:

  • 4:00 Systems of power and oppression
  • 4:35 How the same systems that harm women and girls, also harm men and boys
  • 6:00 How we see boys as mad, not sad
  • 7:13 Neuroscience research on the sensitivity of boys’ brains
  • 12:45 Why stats on boys’ mental health struggles are not accurate
  • 13:55 Why adolescent boys are in a mental health crisis
  • 28:34 How screens are displacing socializing in person for boys
  • 36:00 Incel (involuntarily celibate) movement
  • 43:00 Buddy vs. Sweetheart

Download the episode transcript HERE

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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