In this episode of The Peaceful Parenting Podcast, I talk with Phyllis Fagell, a licensed clinical counselor, school counselor, and author of two books. We discuss how to parent Middle Schoolers (9-15 year olds) and focus on staying curious and coaching them through challenges with friends.

We talk about:

  • 3:55 Why middle school is parents’ “Last best chance” 
  • 5:42 Some differences based on gender during Middle School
  • 7:35 Fitting in vs. Belonging
  • 10:00 Our role as parents when witnessing friend conflicts
  • 15:10 Balancing accepting kids as they are and helping with social skills
  • 20:00 How to lead with curiosity when our kids are unkind 
  • 25:11 Characteristics of bullying
  • 28:22 What to do if your child is being bullied
  • 36:00 FOPO (Fear of Other People’s Opinions)
  • 40:45 How to know if your child needs additional support
  • 42:36 How did COVID affect middle schoolers

Download the episode transcript HERE

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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