Raising love warriors: ‘your heart is like a bull in a china shop’

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. I have to admit that the state of politics and news in the world has made me feel really down lately- and I know I’m not alone.

I keep coming back to “what can I do?”

My answer is– create change through love. Change the world through the children I am raising and the work I am doing with families. It might not be the fastest way to make a difference but love is the answer. We are seeing what happens in the world when people are motivated by hate. What will happen when people are motivated by love? One of the speakers at the Women’s March in Toronto said:

“Teach your daughters and sons to stand up and be warriors of love against injustice”

and that is exactly what we are doing. Because we empathize with our children when things are hard and love them anyway and accept them for who they are, they are tolerant of differences and have empathy for those around them. They feel good in their skin because we delight in them- and they can shine their joy on others. They are resilient and don’t give up because we know they can handle whatever life throws at them and we are there to help them when they fall. They care about others because they have been deeply cared about. They stand up to bullies because they have been empowered in their own lives. They love as they are loved.

Warriors of love.

I read a beautiful blog post the other day- a mom is speaking to her 9 year old daughter- and the daughter’s answer IS the answer. From this post:

“Things are changing,” I went on, encouraged. “They are. This is how change happens…first the darkness that is so deep and startling that it’s hard to breathe and you feel helpless, and just when you think you’re going under – there comes the light.”

I looked at her, wondered if she got me.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be that hard,” she said. “It’s just love.”I love that- it’s just love. My daughter wrote this poem about love and it’s so perfect.

Love Love is in the air. I feel it coming through the window. Even when it’s foggy I can see you. I love the world. It’s perfect because your heart is like a bull in a china shop. – Maxine

Your heart is like a bull in a china shop

The power of love. Keep loving. xx

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