“Our strong relationship with our child is the most powerful way we can influence them” -Sarah Rosensweet

A strong relationship and connection with our child gives us influence. 

Your child might not want to rake the yard, but they value being part of the family team, so they’re willing to pitch in and help. 

They may not want to brush their teeth, but they’re really looking forward to snuggling up and reading stories, so they come and brush their teeth.

As they become teenagers, this becomes even more important. We don’t want their biggest influence to be their peers. 

They may not want to come when they agreed to, but they will because they care about their relationship with you. 

We want a strong relationship with our teens so we can still influence them and so that they care what we think. We can’t control them even if we wanted to! If we want them to be responsible and communicative and helpful and spend time with us, connection is key.

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