In this episode, I answer 3 listener questions. How do you stay calm when you were raised with hitting, yelling and punishing? What do you say when your child has a negative attitude, even after a fun activity? How do you stop a toddler from throwing food off the high chair? So, grab a cup of tea, get comfortable, and join me as we navigate the ups and downs of parenting and your most pressing questions. We cover:

  • [2:20] Changing our mindset around hitting and punishment when growing up in a heated household
  • [5:25] Feeling unworthy because how we were raised 
  • [11:20] What to do if your kid has a negative outlook towards life
  • [15:00] How to help a dysregulated, tired child
  • [18:10] How to get your toddler to stop throwing food from the highchair

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