How do we enjoy the holidays with our kids without worrying about if they’re being grateful enough for all they have?

How do we navigate gift-giving when trying to raise more conscious kids?

I know sometimes it can feel overwhelming. We may worry about the impact that gift-giving can have on our kids as they get older.

I brought on my three kids, Maxine, age 15, Asa, age 18, and Lee, age 21, to talk about the holidays when they were younger vs. now help parents navigate this with their own children.

This episode is a rerun from last season, and it also features a parent question about gratitude and gift giving for our kids.

We cover:

  • [2:20] Listener question about showing appreciation for receiving a gift
  • [3:50] The emotional side of gratitude
  • [8:05] The fear that our children will become entitled 
  • [11:05] Learning appreciation and gratitude over time
  • [14:45] Acknowledging the privilege of receiving presents
  • [17:45] How Maxine views giving and receiving gifts
  • [27:25] How Asa views giving and receiving gifts
  • [33:50] How Lee views giving and receiving gifts

Download the episode transcript HERE

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