In this week’s episode, I highlight some strategies and tools you can use to help you respond effectively when your kids use rude talk or backtalk. 

When these situations arise, it’s because there’s something hard going on for them. I’ll share with you ways you can navigate this in a peaceful, constructive way.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Why kids talk back
  • The most effective strategies to navigate backtalk 
  • How to respond to your child when they’re talking back
  • Ways you make your kids feel safe, understood and supported

Download the episode transcript HERE


Connect with Sarah Rosensweet

  1. Colleen St.James says:

    Maybe you could do a million more about this – lol. Daily struggle – thank you for the podcast.

  2. Abigale says:

    Thanks for this episode! Your perspective and advice are so helpful. I really liked the piece about not denying their request just because they’re rude – but gently demonstrate the behaviour you want, while helping the child with what they need.
    I’d love to hear more about this in a future episode – specifically, how to handle it if you can’t do what they want right now (either because I’m in the middle of something else, or it’s just a hard no).

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