What is play-based learning? What are the benefits of play-based learning and how can it help our kids become more independent as they grow older? 

In this episode, I sat down with Teacher Tom to speak about the benefits of play-based learning. 

Listen in as we talk about

  • What play-based learning is
  • Why letting your kids play when it comes to learning is more than enough
  • The dangers of not letting kids play
  • Why bickering is necessary when playing
  • Teacher Tom’s perspective on how much play kids really need

Tom “Teacher Tom” Hobson is an early childhood educator, international speaker, education consultant, teacher of teachers, parent educator, and author. He is best known for his namesake “Teacher Tom’s Blog,” where he has posted daily for over a decade, chronicling the life and times of his preschool. 

For nearly two decades he was the sole employee of the Woodland Park Cooperative School, a parent-owned and operated school, knit together by Teacher Tom’s democratic, progressive, play-based pedagogy. He has authored two bestselling books, consults with organizations about his “Family Schools program,” and inspires early years audiences around the world at major ECE conferences, both virtually and in-person.

Download the episode transcript HERE

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