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My guest this week, Mr. Chazz, and I had such a wonderful and wide-ranging conversation. While we didn’t cover one specific topic, we dove into some of the many different areas we need to consider when it comes to being the parents (and people!) we want to be.

We explored topics like how do we find empathy in situations that feel impossible? How do we deal with people who simply don’t understand or feel bad about hitting their kids? And why community is so important to help us through it all!

Mr. Chazz’s mission is to help adults truly See, Guide and Trust children. He envisions moving the needle a little closer to world peace. He goes by, “Mr.Chazz” and he even has a song to prove it. He has been a teacher of teachers and parents, working with many schools, 1,000s of teachers and 1,000s of children. 

He also earned his Master’s in Executive Leadership at American University, has appeared on platforms like Good Morning America and

Listen in as we talk about:

  • How he transitioned from being an early childhood educator to impacting thousands on TikTok and Instagram
  • How Mr. Chazz deals with objections from parents online when it comes to peaceful parenting
  • Why empathy is key to understanding other people, as well as our kids
  • The importance of community and developing a support system in parenting
  • Developmental behaviour vs. age-appropriate behaviour

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  1. Colleen St.James says:

    Thank you both! I liked the comments, you made Sarah, about kids being kids but we aren’t used to children’s behaviour because many of us aren’t around kids until we have them.
    “The goal is to improve everyday” – YES!!! I’m a recovering perfectionist – this is soooo important. AND the great reminder that it IS a journey! Thank you Mr. Chazz!!!

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