In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, we tackle a common issue among parents – having a child who argues about everything. 

The episode provides insights into why this might happen and how parents can handle it effectively. A child continually arguing could be an indication of intelligence and lack of fear, considered good signs. However, we highlight the importance of evaluating your limits and strategies as a parent, discussing scenarios such as being too strict and controlling or being excessively permissive. 

Overall, parents are encouraged to value a child’s perseverance and possibly channel it into activities where it would be considered an advantage, like joining a debate team.

We cover:

  • 2:36 Evaluating our limits & Good Will bank
  • 4:55 Being ‘too’ permissive
  • 8:00 Too giving too many explanations
  • 11:43 Empathy for our child and looking at our reaction
  • 13:54 Kids feeling disconnected
  • 15:28 Using superpowers for good

Download the episode transcript HERE

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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