In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, Kyle Wester, a Peaceful Parenting coach and father of three, shares his journey from initially planning to spank his children to advocating for peaceful discipline. 

He sheds light on his transformation, prompted by uncovering the psychology of children’s behavior and redefining what strength and discipline mean as a father. 

We talk about effective ways for dads to communicate with their children, handling anger, and the importance of creating a nurturing and safe environment for children to grow.

We cover:

  • 6:24 Did he know that he wasn’t going to spank? And how his kids were raised
  • 11:43 What to do when one parent wants to peaceful parent and the other isn’t on board yet
  • 16:11 Advice that might help dads reach that ‘aha’ moment
  • 21:55 Kyle’s biggest aha moment 
  • 27:21 Modeling behavior for your child in how to talk to your partner
  • 31:48 Switching the energy and teaching your kids how you would like them to talk to you
  • 44:29 The relationship development through different stages with your kids
  • 45:41 The underlying fear that drives dads
  • 49:20 Advice to his younger parent self

Kyle Wester, Licensed Professional Counselor, MHR, is in full-time private practice having worked with families and children for over 15 years; working with a variety of clientele including children, adolescents, individual adults, and families. 

Wester specializes in providing counseling to individuals who have experienced trauma, parenting skills training, and working with children with challenging behaviors including anger, ADHD, opposition, and defiance, and children going through divorce.

Wester received a Master’s Degree in Human Relations (MHR) from University of Oklahoma (License number: LPC4892).

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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