In this episode of the Peaceful Parenting Podcast, I sit down with Christy, a mother of two boys, for a coaching episode. 

We discuss the challenges Christy has faced with her older son, Jay, in terms of emotional regulation, sibling rivalry, and self-deprecating behavior. We talk about Christy’s nurturing approach and understanding towards Jay’s needs and I offer strategies to improve their relationship.

The importance of one-on-one time, being neutral during sibling fights, and indirect discussions about feelings are highlighted as well.

We cover:

  • [3:30] Christy’s intro and background
  • [5:35] What PDA means
  • [8:00] What Jay’s struggles look like 
  • [10:05] Handling meltdowns
  • [12:45] How to handle when your child’s response turns to self harm
  • [15:10] How Jay responds to empathy
  • [20:55] Understanding their sibling dynamic
  • [23:40] How is 1:1 and special time
  • [30:25] Focusing on prevention
  • [44:55] Part 2: Check In
  • [46:25] Update on sibling rivalry
  • [48:05] Special time update
  • [53:25] Handling verbal lashing out 
  • [57:35] How to address him calling his brother names
  • [59:30] How has his self talk improved

Download the episode transcript HERE

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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