This week’s episode is a solo episode with me. I share why we don’t usually need to make things a ‘teachable moment’ and if we do, how to avoid the common traps parents fall into.

When we try to turn every difficult moment into a lesson, or a teachable moment,  we actually might be causing more harm than good. Spoiler: Usually the teachable moments are for our own struggles.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • Why we try to correct unwanted behaviour with teachable moments
  • The reasons why it’s not helpful overall
  • My tips on what to do instead of making it a ‘teachable moment’
  • How to help our kids develop empathy without using shame

Download the episode transcript HERE

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  1. Colleen St.James says:

    Sooooo good. It’s funny, because I know all this, but I really value the reminder.

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