In this episode, Ed Center shares his personal journey as a queer Brown dad, raising his children with a different approach from the cultural norms he grew up with. 

We discuss the challenges of parenting in a way that goes against the grain, the importance of healing and self-forgiveness, and the need for support and community. 

Throughout our conversation, we emphasize the significance of creating space for understanding and connection with our children, as well as fostering relationships that allow for growth and change.

We cover:

  • [3:15] Ed’s background becoming a parent
  • [6:20] Elements of his culture he wanted to pass down to his kids and parts he did not want to
  • [7:30] His son’s mental health crisis during the pandemic
  • [11:30] Research as a trauma response and noticing the last of coaches of color in the parenting space
  • [13:30] His creation of The Village Well
  • [15:20] Trying to parent differently than how we were raised
  • [24:35] Creating trust with the parents we work with
  • [27:45] Showing grace and processing our own trauma
  • [33:50] How to not repeat toxic styles 
  • [37:20] Dealing with disapproval of family members
  • [43:55] Strategies for self control and triggers

Ed Center was a child with big feelings and impulsive behaviors. He drove his mom and teachers crazy. Now he helps grown-ups to understand and support these kids. 

During the height of the pandemic, Ed’s son suffered an acute mental health crisis. Searching for support, Ed discovered the field of positive parenting and learned strategies and tools to strengthen his connection with his son, leading to healing for the whole family. However, Ed was frustrated with the lack of attention to diverse cultures and traditions. 

He founded The Village Well to bring more connection, joy, and healing to families of color. Ed and his husband raise two boys and three cats in San Francisco.

Download the episode transcript HERE

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