In this episode, we have a coaching episode with Stephanie. Stephanie is the mom of two kids, Felix, who’s 18 months, and Thomas, who’s nine. 

Stephanie shared with me before we recorded that Thomas is an amazing, curious, strong willed, more extra 2E kid. She explains how he watches her and also triggers her, which invites her to work hard on her own self regulation and self compassion (as we dive into in our conversation).

We cover:

  • [1:20] You don’t want to miss this summit
  • [4:35] When to start transitioning to letting your kids have more say over what they do and not forcing them or having to distract them to get things done
  • [7:20] How others’ emotions can affect us, and especially children 
  • [10:45] When kids struggle to take medications 
  • [14:35] When a habit of making snarky comments can make kids feel bad
  • [20:00] Her sons relationship with his dad
  • [23:05] What to do when it feels overwhelming to get things done with him
  • [24:40] Implementing collaborative proactive solutions
  • [29:20] Emptying his emotional backpack 
  • [30:20] What her connection is like with her son
  • [36:20] Helping her son learn how to communicate his feelings
  • [38:00] Finding forgiveness for yourself
  • [41:10] Dealing with her parent’s disapproval for how she’s raising her kids
  • [45:50] One month check in
  • [49:30] The progress she has seen
  • [1:01:25] Managing our relationship to stress and time

Download the episode transcript HERE

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        1. Lauren Doyle says:

          Do you do one on one family counseling. My son has autism and we are struggling

          • I do one-on-one parent coaching. You can find all the info here on the coaching section of this website xx

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