In this episode, Jonathon Reed joins me to talk about ‘the man box.’ The man box is the way we limit boys and men – and our relationships with them- with a rigid view about masculinityWe also discuss how as parents we can support our boys, help them tap into their emotions and help them to develop emotional health and intimacy.

Jonathon is Youth Program Manager with a nonprofit organization called Next Gen Men, which means he does workshops and presentations at schools, trainings for teachers, a Discord server and a summer camp program all about supporting boys’ wellbeing and challenging gender-based violence.

We cover:

  • [4:05] How Jonathan got into this work, and why
  • [6:50] The lack of emotional intimacy boys grow up feeling they can’t have with each other
  • [7:30] What’s the man box
  • [11:20] Why it’s so hard to be outside of the man box
  • [15:55] How lack of emotional safety impacts boys and men
  • [19:45] The good and bad environments that sports offer boys
  • [22:50] Exposure to violence at a young age
  • [26:20] Why it’s hard for boys and men to ask for help
  • [28:45] What parents can do to keep their sons from being stuck in the man box
  • [32:55] Grounding in curiosity
  • [35:30] Encouraging boys to cry
  • [43:00] One thing Jonathan wishes all parents knew about toxic masculinity

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