In this episode, Oliver Levy joins me to talk about mindful parenting. Plus since he’s a sports coach and a sports dad, as well as a parenting coach, I asked him about the peaceful approach to kids and sports.

Oliver Levy is the Ceo and Founder of MPTK. He became a parenting coach in 2016. He became a retired yeller in 2017. He no longer yells or raises his voice at his children. He retired as a parent in 2019. He is now a mentor to his children. Both him and his wife are living their best lives as parents and they are just loving it. He has been married to his beautiful Queen Lisa since 2007. He has 3 children (ages 29, 14, & 11). 

Oliver has been there, in the same shoes as parents who struggled with temper tantrums, kids not listening, whining, sibling battles, co-parenting battles, teenager issues and more.  

We cover:

  • [4:10] The events that brought Oliver into this work
  • [7:15] His wife’s ultimatum that changed the course of his parenting
  • [8:35] Finding his way through his personal challenges to coaching parents
  • [11:35] The 12 laws of mindful parenting
  • [22:45] How to coach a kid who’s a bad sport
  • [24:30] Finding the root cause to our behaviors as parents
  • [28:15] How to use car rides to create open communication lines
  • [34:05] Tips for coaching your own kids
  • [37:30] How should kids be introduced to sports
  • [42:35] When you feel like your kids should be in sports or on a team, even if they don’t want to be
  • [46:00] How to handle your kids wanting to quit sports
  • [53:20] Advice to his younger parent self

The misbehaviors mentioned above caused him many challenges in his marriage. After having several meltdowns, and constantly yelling at home, he became determined to find a healthier, happier means of raising great kids without losing control. 

This was the catalyst for developing Mindful Parenting Tools. He immersed himself in the study and principles of Adlerian Psychology and several child psychologists and parenting experts. 

Oliver believes that trauma can affect kids when it comes to self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, being respectful, taking responsibility and setting goals so they can create the life that they desire. He also believes that parents, teachers, sports coaches and other caregivers in the community must be equipped with modern-day parenting tools & strategies to avoid trauma in the home and in the community.

He is on a mission to equip 10 million parents with actionable steps so they too, can feel composed and confident when guiding their children to greater achievements with fewer frustration despite any past trauma.

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