In this episode, Seth Perler joins me to unpack executive function, what to be on the lookout for, and how to help parents become more aware of hidden red flags.

Seth Perler is an educational coach and advocate for students with executive functioning challenges, such as ADHD and learning disabilities. He offers coaching, resources, and strategies to help students improve their organization, time management, and study skills.

We cover:

  • [3:55] Seth’s journey into this work
  • [6:55] What is executive function
  • [14:25] Potential red flags when it comes to executive function that parents should be on the lookout for
  • [17:15] Creating the scaffolding to get out of being our children’s executive function
  • [22:10] ‘Can’t vs. Won’t when it comes to motivation and changing behavior
  • [29:45] Remembering that kids want to do well
  • [31:30] Unpacking attachment theory
  • [32:30] Understanding classroom behavior – why kids want to be seen and heard
  • [34:35] Being shamed at school
  • [39:00] Seth’ framework: Systems, Mindsets, and Habits & Routines
  • [42:25] Helping a kid who is meeting you with resistance
  • [49:40] One thing Seth wishes all parents knew

As you can read on his website, Seth Perler struggled with his own executive functioning challenges throughout his academic journey. He experienced difficulties with organization, focus, and productivity, which led to academic setbacks. However, he eventually developed strategies and techniques that helped him overcome these challenges and achieve success.

Seth Perler now shares his insights and expertise through his website, blog, coaching sessions, and online courses. His goal is to support students, parents, and educators in understanding and addressing executive functioning difficulties to unlock their full potential.

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