In this very first podcast episode, I’m so excited to chat with my three kids about peaceful parenting and learn about their perspective on growing up with us!

I learned so much from them in this candid conversation about what it was like being raised by parents who incorporated these tools from a young age. 

What I loved most about this episode was the advice and feedback my kids shared with parents on how they can help their children grow, feel supported and understood.

Listen in as we talk about:

  • The three big ideas of peaceful parenting
  • How I became a peaceful parent
  • Differences my kids have noticed by being raised with peaceful parenting
  • What parents should from (from my kids’ perspectives)
  • If they enjoyed growing up with peaceful parenting

Download the episode transcript HERE

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  1. Colleen St.James says:

    Really enjoyed hearing from grown-up kids on their experiences with peaceful parenting!

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